Track Building

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The Anatomy of Camber and Banking

I wanted to experiment with this and have for the past 2 years. Willey's Acme Raceway was a huge success. Watch as we transform this plain Jane flat track to a banked and cambered speedway where everything happens faster.


I wanted a multiple level with a twist. How 'bout we go under instead of over?

You see here what I started out with.

I hated to throw that bridge in there. It was a vain attempt at having this track ready for our race here at my place. The turns underneath would've created a marshalling nightmare. That is why the original plans for this track called for the turns and esses to be over the straightaway.  This will document the transformation of  the track to the way I intended.

Turn one from up high

Looking down on turn one you can see the change in elevation and the banking.

Looking back from turn one down the 11'3" straightaway

You can see the last turn underpass in the distance

T-jet perspective of turn one

From here you can see the extreme drop going into turn one and that complex of turns

The Last Turn Underpass

I just call it that because you limbo under it after the last turn. A Willys will fit under there. Don't worry, it will all look real nice before we're finished.

I used shims to create the camber. Click on the picture to see the rest.