Check out some of my work

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I take great pride in the way my cars and tracks look.

I call it "Car Art"

2007 IEHO Raceway Fray Team

2012 Inland Empire Fray team, Brad Bowman, Mickey Hurtado, Mike Engelage, David Parker and Chris "Action" Jackson

2006 Rock Island Racing Fray Team

The plastic six laner that Scott Dunlap built

TRAC logo #1

Michael and Mickey at New River Air Station, NC

2004 Daytona 500 winner

Greg Davis Caddys

TRAC logo #2

My daughter kicks up her heels

My son Jeremy

My son Michael

Building for the fray

The current 60+ foot Inland Empire HO Raceway

Wild Ones run IEHO raceway

Gogo 2005 Mustang by IEHO

Here I am surrounded by some of my best work

Building for the fray

The birthplace of Inland Empire Fray racing

The 2005 Rock Island Fray team

A view of Willey's Acme Raceway

Beautiful shot of Willey's Pontiac NAS-T-JET

Kevin Harvick Monte Carlo

Some of my Original Tuff ones

Check out the VRC

Sunoco and Chaparral Camaros

JL Mopars

2005 Mustang in early 70's Trans Am livery

The E Racer

Timber Wolf 37

My personal RX8