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IEHO Raceway paint and body

Michael Hurtado's Mercedes CLK-GTR "fat bitch" painted by Mickey Hurtado, Emperor of Inland Empire

The fat bitch chassis was built by Mickey Hurtado, Emperor of Inland Empire raceway. Michael is currently running it at MAHOR races in Kansas City, MO area.

All of these pictures were shot on the current 60+ foot long Inland Empire HO Raceway. It's an AFX/Tomy plastic track laid out on two 4 x 8s  in an 'L' shape. It is equipped with an Astron power source and time is kept by the VRS software program. It features an 11' 3" straightaway and typical fray style esses and switchbacks that will challenge the driving and chassis set up skills of any competitor. It was custom built, wired and tweaked by yours truly. Email me if you'll be in the area and I'll set you up a tuning session. I'm located in Ontario, CA about 44 miles East of LA.   

Bombshell body painted at IEHO Raceway

These cars were painted at IEHO Raceway. They are Greg Davis bodies.

Fandango Jaguar In F1 livery

A Mini, a 550 maranello, and a C-5 Vette

2005 Go go Mustang with early Trans Am decals

The blue cars and a Mini

your favorite car