Track Building II

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First views of the camber

These pictures show the camber and banking in progress

Not enough camber


Now this is more what I had in mind.

A few more shims were stuffed underneath the track to get some more camber. Shims were broken in thirds to stack under the highest points in the turns. The track had previously been affixed to 1/8" hardboard. This gave me something to torque on to get the camber. 

This is what I call camber

You can get on it harder in Yellow and Red. There's a rythm for each lane to get through it right.

As you can see

it came out very smooth. I moved around the shims 'til I got the shape I wanted for each turn. That's how I built in the speed.

The other end of the track

The underpass pushed the dog leg up into the air. I may throw some extra camber into the dog leg to take that turn deeper.

Trackside view of the last turn underpass

Cars travel up and over into a technical section with a unique rythm. In the gutters if you nail it right, you'll hardly lose time to the center lanes. The rythm is almost identical for both Red and Yellow.

A nice straight shot with some elevation change thrown in.

Your chassis should stretch it's legs down the 11' 3" straight after being bombarded with technical section after technical section abbbreviated by short chutes and squirt spots between combos.

This the finished product

I wanted the shape to remind me of the Calgary Saddle Dome

Remember, we had bridges at the beginning


Now we've got a new underpass

It's like racing on Pringles..

Fray style t-jets headed into the last turn.



The Zagato leads them into the straightaway