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This is where you'll find the bodies for show

These bodies are painted and decaled to look like a real race or street car. I race them on our fray circuit. Most of these bodies have never had any track time. The chassis is not included. 

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Mini Coopers

The Mini Cooper is a fun body and handles amazingly well if excess resin is ground out right

Aston Martin Vanquish in traditional colors and nostalgic stripes

Blue Enzo

This horse prances in blue with F-1 livery

C-5 Corvette

2 CLK's

Decided to experiment with various colors under the C2 livery. The experiment was a success.The gunmetal CLK was given away at the San Juan Int'l in Maryland.

Greg Davis body

I had fun painting and decaling this C-5. It came out real nice. It was done for my buddy, Matt 


550 Maranello in Yellow

Nice combination

Clean and Neat

Looks fast and furious, just sitting there. I'm trying this on a skinny tired chassis

550 Maranello in F1 livery, alongside a BMW and Mercedes from Fandango

Part of the latest creations from Inland Empire Raceway.

Fandango Mercedes

This body handles pretty well.